How to study physics for NEET Exam?

Sat 10 Oct 2020

How to study physics for NEET Exam?

How to study Physics for NEET, a question that haunts the minds of many aspiring doctors. Most would-be doctors are afraid of math and want to avoid topics involving numbers. When introduced to physics in class XI, the first few chapters remind them of math, and then fear returns. At this stage, it is important to understand that these two subjects may look similar but are very different from each other.While math is all about formulas and calculating numbers, NEET physics needs to be understood before you start testing the questions. Seekho.Live has compiled the best tips suggested by the experts in this article to help candidates prepare for NEET physics. There will be 45 questions in the Physics section. Each question in NEET will be worth 4 points and each wrong answer will cost the candidate 1 point.

Experts say that any value above 140 points is considered a good NEET physics score. To get more than 140, you need between 36 and 38 correct answers in this section, taking into account the negative marking.

What makes physics difficult for aspiring doctors and how do you approach the subject?

Physics is difficult for those who do not understand its concepts. When the concepts are clear, one begins to enjoy physics. What makes this topic difficult for students is their focus. They try to understand the concepts of physics by solving the questions, while it should be the other way around. Focus more on the concepts and try to understand the referral process. These will help you solve most of the questions in the NEET physics sections.

How to prepare for NEET physics: preparation tips

As mentioned in the introductory section, the first chapters that introduce physics to a candidate are generally Mechanics, Calculus, etc. These have a lot of number processing that brings back memories of math. It is then that the candidate establishes similarities between the two subjects and begins to treat physics as mathematics. They forget that, unlike mathematics, physics also has concepts. This wrong foundation takes your preparation on a different path.Candidates preparing for NEET physics can be divided into two categories, those who spend too much time on physics and those who shy away from solving physics questions. Being here on both sides doesn't help. Physics accounts for only 25% of questions in NEET, which means that if you spend too much time on this topic, you will compromise your chances of doing well for the remaining 75%. Candidates must divide their time equally between the three subjects.

Compete with those who prepare for JEE

It is important to remember that you will not have to take an engineering entrance exam. Many applicants start preparing for the NEET Physics section in the company of someone preparing for JEE. They also refer to the JEE Main / Advance question documents for preparation. It must be understood that NEET physics has a completely different pattern and level of expectations. Solving JEE core question documents is still acceptable, but don't torture yourself by trying JEE advanced level questions.


Avoid books used by would-be JEEs

Always remember that NEET Physics does not require you to solve JEE Advance level numbers. Candidates preparing for engineering entrance exams have a strong grasp of mathematics, while those preparing for NEET generally do not opt for mathematics after class X. Therefore, compare their knowledge of physics with that of theirs. it is not justified. Paste the books that have been recommended for NEET Physics only. Saving time here will also help you prepare for the other two sections.

Try to find the pattern in last year papers

Candidates must solve question papers of the past 10 years for NEET preparation. When solving the Physics section of these question papers, try to find a pattern in the questions that are being asked in the examination.




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